The media’s inter-generational clickbait war

I am a millennial. I am lazy, stupid, screwed for the future and killing off pretty much every industry. Leslie is a baby boomer. She is selfish, racist, entitled and part of the worst generation in history. That is, if google predictive search is to be believed. These statements should obviously be taken with a…

Poverty Porn: The line between informative and exploitative

Think about the news images that are the most memorable and have left the biggest impact on you. Whether it be the aftermath of a bomb blast in Syria or the lifeless body toddler washed up on a beach in Turkey chances are- it’s graphic. And if it’s not, it probably shows someone’s emotional reaction…

Fake news, social media, and the role educators can play

It is a fundamental role of educators to prepare students intellectually for the world which awaits them outside of the classroom.

This also includes preparing students to be able to navigate the social media environment which dominates the way that young people, in this day and age, access news and information. And part of this is, equipping students with the skills they need in order to identify fake news.